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Mind Reading: Groom Edition

by Bernadette Borg 10 Apr 2024

Atelier Mind Reading is In Session...

You have an idea of a moody wedding, an elevated interior, an old money almost heritage circa 1900's vibe. Your vision board tells a story of elegance, yet has a bold statement and the deepest emerald green, crisp beige and deep wooden flooring is set in firm...ceasar stone.

You share this same vision with your partner and commence the journey of creating an event that tells your story piece by piece. You have found your venue, the chandeliers are perfectly positioned to match the idea of symmetrical photography and the finer details have been met. 

You have now moved onto your attire. Without realising you and your bride are the single most important part of this day you embark on a suit to simply wear.

Three days pass and after twelve try ons and numerous one size fits all suits, you have realised that you yourself have not matched your vision board that you so thoughtfully set out to create. A crucial part of your book had missing pages and you've hit a roadblock...

Luxury Custom Tailoring to match my 1900s wedding theme...enters the search bar. Your inspiration is starting to flow and you have collected images that start to complete the blank pages. You see Tuscan Linen, a custom shoe, unique inner details, notch lapels, flap pockets and a soft shoulder construction. You are now

Brave, bold and bright. 

As you pull your vision board together you come to realise your suit of choice will have to be made for you, crafted to your vision by not just any suit tailor but one whom will welcome my story, my theme and has the bold and brave creativity that matches my energy and can complete the story of an idyllic moody, 1900's wedding. 

One week has passed and you now have a title for your final chapter...Mannzilo.





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