Welcome to the world of Mannzilo. Renowned for top tier creative suiting, exclusive capsule collections and statement tailoring. Creativity built with ease, each piece designed by unrivalled Akheel Khan, is expertly tailored on site in Brisbane City, providing an exclusive seven star experience.


Polo Season meets The Races with our range of pastel fabrics and intricate details.
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Welcome to a tailor made Mannzilo suit that moulds with precision for maximum impact in the boardroom and travels.
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Mind Reading: Groom Edition

Navigating the creative process for the ultimate wedding execution.
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Suit Status: The Precision You Always Wanted

Here’s how you can elevate your suiting basics to create an ensemble that speaks volumes of your personal style and elegance.   The foundations of a sharp, status fit. The alchemy of a great suit begins with its fit. A custom suit, tailored to your precise measurements, ensures a silhouette that complements your form, enhancing your confidence and stature. While off-the-rack suits might seem convenient, they often require adjustments to achieve that coveted perfect fit. Investing in custom haute couture  tailoring means investing in how you present yourself to the world—a worthwhile endeavour for any discerning gentleman. Embracing colour, living...

Pre Wedding Calendar: The Leather Edit

Weighted Leather and Timeless Constructions