100% Merino Wool should be your first choice. Wool has amazing properties. It holds it’s shape and remains comfortable even under the stress of all day wear. Where alinenor cotton fabric would crease and crush, wool recovers it’s smooth appearance. Wool also breathes well and has natural anti-oxidants, keeping it clean and fresh for longer.
Generally speaking,dark navy is the best colourfor business suits. Navy is very versatile and works for many different professions. After navy, charcoal grey should be your second choice. Once you have your dark navy and charcoal grey suit sorted, then you could begin to consider lighter greys, mid-blues and earthy tones such as dark green or brown. Black can be good for the more conservative workplace, however black suits can often feel too formal.
Business suits should be simple, understated and most importantly, versatile. True versatility is the ability to rotate the suit within many different outfits and in many different settings. It’s essential that you seek guidance when designing a business suit to ensure this versatility. More unusual design features such as double breasted jackets, fancy buttons or loud prints should be avoided. Instead the suit should be designed with subtle features that are commonly worn in corporate environments. Think of dark tonal buttons, subtle pocket detailing and clean, simple trousers. 
A business suit should never be tight or restrictive. A tight suit can be irritating and distract you from the work at hand. On the other hand, your business suit should enhance your silhouette and follow the natural lines of your body. A well-fitted business suit will help you feel strong and ready for the day. Finding a balance between comfort and silhouette is the task of an experienced tailor, of whom you should seek out.
Purchasing acustom business suitshould be easy and effortless. There are key things to consider before purchasing, and it is our job as tailors to create a dialogue around these considerations. We learn about each of our customers work environment, lifestyle, personality, budget and time frame before suggesting a small, concise number of options. After making a few guided choices, we take the lead on the finer details and use our experience to create a suit that is practical, durable and enjoyable to wear, all year round.